EP23-We're Responsible to Pave the Way with Anne Torrez


In this episode:

Anne Torrez is a mom, an athlete, an entrepreneur, a coach and founder of Tri It Your Way, a triathlon training service. Anne discovered her brilliance and value as a human being through competing in the triathlon. In this episode, Anne discusses the transformation she’s undergone from being a very shy girl to becoming a focused, determined athlete and how her evolution fuels her compassion to help others do the same.

About Anne Torrez:

Speaker, coach, and athlete Anne Torrez Is the founder of Tri It Your Way, an online and in-person coaching program for triathletes who want to improve their performance and efficiency. She dabbled in various sports and activities when she was younger, my true road to fitness and racing began when she was in grad school. Anne felt unhealthy and unsatisfied with her energy and happiness levels. Anne began with picking up recreational running and trail biking, and learning more about how to eat more healthfully. On a whim, she signed up for a triathlon to challenge and motivate herself. Anne didn't know much about structured training, and didn't know how to swim, but after training for and racing her first triathlon she was hooked! Before discovering this sport, and had never found something that excited her so much or gave her such drive and motivation to excel.

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