I'm Debbie Gonzales - a lover of children, books, writing, and education.


I create quality, affordable, project-specific, supplemental materials connecting people with literature. As an educator and fellow author, I am skilled in navigating the needs of the educational and literary worlds.


My debut picture book Playing Like a Girl (Charlesbridge, 2018) is the story of the plight of female athlete from the 1800's to present day, including the passage of Title IX.

"Debbie Gonzales is razor-sharp, forward thinking, and a gem to work with. She knows how to wade through the chaotic needs of business to discover the heart and needs of a child."
 Cynthia Leitich Smith: Author/Faculty, Vermont College of Fine Arts
I am seeing my book in a new way through you and your work. This guide doesn't feel dry and academic -- it feels like a window into the heart of my story. Maybe even a heart I didn't know was there or wouldn't have been able to articulate myself. What you've created is something much more than a teacher's guide or discussion guide. It is a heartfelt companion.
Liz Garton Scanlon: Author

"When I looked through the CCSS guide Debbie Gonzales prepared for me, I got tears in my eyes. Her attention to detail and her constant dedication to going the extra mile made my guide exceptional."

 P. J. Hoover: Author