EP01: Success Requires Failure with Geraldine Carter

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In this episode:

Focused, deliberate, intent, and supportive - entrepreneur Geraldine Carter embodies the spirit of the female athlete. In this episode, Geraldine and I discuss how her life-long participation in sport has come to define her commitment to excellence in work and in life. We also explore her emotional connection with the premise of GIRLS WITH GUTS: THE ROAD TO BREAKING BARRIERS AND BASHING RECORDS and how its message can serve to inspire and motivate young female athletes today.

about Geraldine carter:

From co-founding Climate Ride in 2008 and scaling the socially-conscious company to a seven-figure budget, to biking alone across southeast Asia, to coaching entrepreneurs on how to achieve their own lofty goals, Geraldine loves finding practical, efficient solutions to complex challenges. After directly experiencing the value of outside perspective and mentorship, Geraldine began sharing her 10+ years of business experience and mindfulness training through coaching. An ICF accredited Associate Certified Coach, Geraldine takes pride in challenging herself and her clients to reach higher and find bolder ways forward. 


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