EP21-Big Goals Require a Long-Term Mindset with Silvia Acevedo


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Author, reporter, and avid athlete, Silvia Acevedo, shares her passion for competitive speed skating, a sport she discovered as an adult. Silvia explores the diligence and devotion required to achieve personal and professional goals, on the ice and in all other aspects of life. She states that to crush lofty goals, an individual must own a daily commitment to work on them, little by little, each and every day.

About Silvia Acevedo:

Silvia Acevedo is a journalist and novelist. In her 20 years in news, she’s interviewed presidential candidates, covered national and international stories, and given breaking news reports for CNN and local TV and radio stations around the country. She’s guest hosted a television morning talk show featuring the lighter side of news on Milwaukee’s NBC station. Silvia currently freelances at various news publications and performs voice-over work.

All her years reporting objective fact enticed her to delve into her imagination in her off time. Ms. Acevedo brought fiction — particularly mythology — back into her life. Once she did, the gods of old pestered her until she relented to write about one in particular. The result is the God Awful series of books, starting with God Awful Loser, its sequel, God Awful Thief, and a final book on the way.

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