The Painless Self-Promotion Coaching Program - Introductory Rate


The Painless Self-Promotion Coaching Program - Introductory Rate

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Keeping in the original C3=V theme (the title for the second on-line course I presented), the help I'm offering is that we work together on whatever marketing aspect that you deem pertinent in a three-week, one-on-one, online coaching session. Yep, that's right. A painless self-promotion support group. You and me. We can do this. Here are just some of the topics we can team up to work on.

  • Create a social media strategy

  • Content creation

  • Establish and meet publicity goals

  • Attack fears of developing digital aptitude

  • Kick the impostor syndrome to the curb

  • Develop deeper relationship with current mentoring students online

  • Develop online coursework from previous presentations

  • What else do you have in mind?


  • First of all, we’ll schedule a brief, one-on-one discussion during which you describe the skill you desire to achieve. Together, we establish a three-session plan to meet that goal and develop the specific skill required to do so. This plan will be the structure we’ll follow during our time together.

  • Our shared content and correspondence will be shared using a project planning software called Trello. It’s super easy to use. Believe me. You will LOVE it!

  • We’ll hold our coaching sessions on Zoom, an easy-to-use video conferencing software. We’ll share screens during each coaching session. You’ll do the work. I’ll guide you along the way. Upon completion of each session, I’ll send a link for the audio recording of our time together. It’s your to refer to whenever you need to.

  • It’s important to consider session attendance a priority. The skills you’ll be learning will be sequential, each building upon the other. Scheduling make-up sessions is problematic as time slot availability is limited. Once we get your sessions booked, let’s do all we can to honor our time together. Sound good?

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