EP11-Broken, Yet Undaunted with Kaitlyn Bean

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In this episode:

Kaitlyn Bean is truly a girl with guts. In this episode, Kaitlyn describes a horrific car accident she experienced, one that left her with two broken legs and a crushed heal. Doctors told her that she would, most likely, recover to walk with a limp and that her running days were over. Determined to prove them wrong, Kaitlyn summoned all the mental strength she could muster. Miraculously, exactly one year after her accident, Kaitlyn crossed the finish line of the Livingston Manor Half Marathon!

About Kaitlyn Bean:

Katie Bean has been a camping and youth development professional since 2012. Katie has helped lead successful and engaging resident camp and outdoor education experiences for thousands of campers throughout her career, promoting character values and inclusion among staff and campers alike. She is also passionate about sharing the value of health and fitness with her colleagues in the camping community. She is currently serving as a camp director in New York, though she is proud to call West Michigan her home. In her free time, Katie enjoys long-distance running, reading, and trying the many small-town restaurants sprinkled throughout the Catskills.


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