Title IX

EP14-Title IX: Civil Rights for Women with Author Karen Blumenthal

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In this episode:

Karen Blumenthal, brilliant author and historian, chronicles spirited events that took place leading up to and following the passage of Title IX. She states that, even more than laws passed during the Civil Rights Movement, Title IX is the most significant equal rights law for women. As a young girl, Karen “desperately” wanted to be a true athletic competitor. Today, she celebrates the fact that young women are freely encouraged to do so.

About Karen Blumenthal:

As a long-time journalist, Karen Blumenthal writes nonfiction for young people with the belief that nonfiction brings context to a complicated world. She is particularly fascinated by social change, how it happens and why. As a financial writer, she aims to write from the consumer’s and investor’s point of view, trying to answer their questions, cut through the marketing hype and arm them with useful insights that will help them make better and more-rewarding decisions.


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