Speaking Engagements

Deb offers entertaining presentations based on the marketing potential and fundamental academic basics of Activity Guides, Discussion Guides, and Educator Guides.  Each type of guide is comprised of specific elements, all of which Deb defines and suggests promotional strategies for each. Along with leading hands-on workshops during which participants create their own manipulative projects, discussion questions, and writing prompts; Deb instructs participants in the elemental understanding the Common Core State Standards for all age levels.

"As a workshop leader, she encourages her students to stretch their creative boundaries, to think like a teacher as well as a reader, and to tap into their inner child wonder of the world around us."
Colleen Cook: Author & SCBWI Kansas Regional Advisor

Some Presentation suggestions:

Master Plotting for Kid-Lit Educational Guides

This session is an overview of the elements required to create engaging Discussion, Project/Activity, and Educational Guides for students of all ages by delving into age-appropriate literary analysis through the creative application of critical thinking skills. Through guided inquiry, investigation, and exploration of selected works of fiction, participants will gain the knowledge and skills required to create a project-based educational guide that young readers will connect with on personal and academic levels.  

The Anatomy of a Teacher Guide

One of the most effective tools developed to assist in literary understanding is the Book Guide, the formatting for which all into three basic categories – The Discussion Guide, the Activity Guide, and the Academic Guide. In this session, we will examine the structural traits of these three categories, which apply to all ages and genres, by identifying the basic elements that most fully benefit young readers.  Attendees will come away from the session inspired and prepared to create inexpensively designed, hands-on, manipulative, standards-aligned activities of their own.

Feel free to contact Deb for further information regarding speaking or workshop opportunities.