types of guides

Below is a list of the wide array of project-based, standards-aligned (CCSS, NextGen Science, State Standards) guides available.

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press Release guides (suitable for all genres)


Press Release Guides add the perfect piece of panache to author or illustrator's promotional platform. Brief (2 to 3 pages long), yet academically sound, these guides provide essential content merchants, educators, and librarians need to make certain the your book finds a lasting place in the market or on their shelves.


Discussion/Activity Guides

(Picture & Chapter Books)


Activity guides serve as the perfect piece of promotional panache. Short. Inexpensive.  To the point.  Fun. And, many offer games and follow-up lessons that can be aligned with those all-empowering academic standards.  A one-stop shop, if you ask me.

Discussion/Project Guide
(Middle Grade & YA)


Suitable for all genres, Discussion Guides serve to guide understanding of not only the text, but its emotional connection with the reader. They contain interesting, probing, and enlightening questions that get the reader thinking and talking. These guides can be quite short, perhaps ten or so questions long, or can be several pages in length, depending on the needs and intent of the publication.  Quite often the questions posed serve as effective writing prompts, leading to a deeper study of a variety of topics.

Educator's Guide


These guides are perfectly suited for a 4 to 6 week, in-depth study of a middle grade or YA novel. The book is divided into four sections, which can serve as weekly reading assignments. Each section consists of discussion questions pertaining to the topics, themes, and character and/or plot development occurring in each particular section. Each section is complimented by an activity pertaining to the overarching premise of the book.

Science and Math Related Project Guides (All Genres)


Kids can use this step-by-step method to formulate a hypothesis and then generate a plan to prove it. Perhaps, much like my days in the classroom, though some of their experiments might turn out to be busts; they’ll have a grand time scientifically trying them over and over again until they get it right.

Book Trailer Guide


From conception to presentation, these guides teach story structure like no others!


Everything necessary to present a stage production of a picture book or selected scenes from middle grade or YA novels. Promotion posters. Script. Cast list. Tickets. Stage directions. Lights! Cameras! ACTION!