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The Debcast Podcast

Hosted by author Debbie Gonzales, the Debcast is dedicated to the courageous female athletes of the past and present who demonstrate that playing like a girl means to approach sports – and life – with confidence, commitment, and drive in order to achieve any worthy goal. It means being aware that, when you excel in your sport, it’s a win for all girls – everywhere. Here on The Debcast, we'll explore what it means to be an athletic girl with guts by talking with female athletes of all ages and walks of life, as well as authors who have written about them. Deb is the author of the forthcoming non-fiction picture book GIRLS WITH GUTS: BREAKING BARRIERS AND BASHING RECORDS (Charlesbridge, 2019).

EP17-Every Girl is Full of Power with Rhonda Fields

EP16-Commitment: Figure Out a Way to Make it Work with Jen Mueller

EP15-What's the Point of Not Letting Girls Play with The Girl Scouts: Cadette Troop 45003

EP14-Title IX: Civil Rights for Women with Author Karen Blumenthal

EP13: It's Okay to be Afraid with Cori Myka

EP12-Risks are Worth It with Lindsay Leslie

EP11-Broken, Yet Undaunted with Kaitlyn Bean

EP10-Fencing Found Me with Olympian Felicia Zimmerman

EP09-The Power of a Mentor with Shannon Anderson

EP08-A Book and Its Cover with Debbie Gonzales

EP07-A Desire to Belong with Mary Atkinson

EP06-An Analysis of the Athletic Protagonist with Shannon Gibney

EP05-Movement is Transformational with Lisa Hesse

Building a Community from Your Podcast: An On-Air Coaching Call with Carol Cox

EP04: The DNA of Rock Climbing with Kristin Lenz

EP03: A Dream Bigger Than Your Fear with Gabby Whitethorne

EP02: Team Work - You Get What You Put in with Julie Bliven

EP01: Success Requires Failure with Geraldine Carter