What is C3=v?

C3=V is an online course designed to help pre-pubbed, debut, and multi-published authors and illustrators enhance visibility in the marketplace through the practice of authenticity, sincerity, and reciprocity. The focus of this particular program - Enhancing Your Core Message - is the creation and distribution of content centered around an artist’s core message, being who they are as individuals and how they desire to be perceived in the marketplace.

How is the program produced?

C3=V is a series of 6 video-recorded sessions scheduled and distributed daily via personal email between the dates of April 1 to 6. Handouts and additional information is included in each scheduled course email.

Below you’ll find the Session Distribution Calendar:

  • April 1: The Formula for the Reluctant Marketeer - C3=V with Debbie Gonzales

  • April 2: What is a Signature Talk and Why You Need One for Visibility with Carol Cox

  • April 3: Thinking Big! Outstanding Adventures of an Indie Author with Kat Kronenburg

  • April 4: Connecting Your Core Message and the School Visit with Dianne White

  • April 5: Pinterest Content Marketing with Amber Peterson

  • April 6: Aligning Your Core Message to Academic Standards with Debbie Gonzales