vanilla wafers

Simple Saturday: The Ever-So-Awesome Hamburger Cookie

The moment you've been waiting for has finally arrived! Move over Mickey Dees. Make room for the cookie of all cookies -- the Hamburger Cookie.

You ask how can vanilla wafers, coconut, peppermint patties, food coloring, and your optional sesame seed combine to become a hamburger? Well, I'll show you right here and now!

First of all we must make our condiments. Pinch a healthy clump of coconut with your immpeccably clean fingers and place it in a small bowl. I used three for my ketchup, my mustard, and my pickles. Squirt a sizeable bit of food coloring in with the coconut and stir! Whalla! Coconut condiments! Of course, if you prefer mayo on your burgers you can leave the coconut white, if you'd like. Come on...use your imagination now.

Next, let's start with a foundation...the bottom half of the bun. For this, lay one vanilla wafer on a plate. (I made a few extras. You know that John will want a couple when I'm done, right?) Top that bottom bun with a pattie of the dark chocolate and peppermint variety. Now choose your desired condiments. As you can see, I've made several tasty coconut condiment combination samples here.

Place the top vanilla wafer bun over the coconut condiments. Slightly dampen the top of the bun with water. Place a wee pinch of sesame seeds over the top bun's slightly dampened spot. Wow! Don't these cookies look like hamburgers already? But hold your fries...we're not finished yet.

Stick your hamburgers in the microwave for 15 seconds. This will melt the pattie just enough to make the whole thing stick together nicely, as well as fill the kitchen with a fabulous minty aroma.

And, lo and behold, you have made Hamburger Cookies fit for the Burger King!!! Let them cool for a few moments, maybe even place them in the fridge for a little while. This will help them to mold into a truly believable hamburger-like form.

Go ahead, have some simple fun making these treats. They're easy to make, terrifically tasty, and unique enough that you, too, might win the coveted blue ribbon at the all-school bake-off!

Psst...Don't you know those mothers that entered their cookies made from expensive family recipes were pickle green with envy when my daughter and I won with these hamburger cookies? Serves those mamas right, don't you think? They should've been baking cookies the Simple Saturday way!