Simple Saturday: Time Lapse Photography in No Time!

Before showing you how to create instantaneous floral time lapse photography, I want to make sure that you know how to sing the proper back up music for the event.

I've been poking around the internet and have discovered a warm-up practice called the vocal melisma. I found out, thanks the the lovely girl in the linked YouTube video, that the vocal melisma is when a singer holds one note over one syllable while moving between notes...or something like that. So, practice your melismas and let's going.

 Now, go out there and find a crape myrtle tree. Pick off a few of the buds. Hold the between your thumb and pointer finger. While ripping a melisma, pinch the bud in a low, dramatic way. And then - ahhhhhhhh - a crape myrtle blossom will reveal itself in all of its brilliant splendor!

 A tip for maximizing the dramatic floral time lapse photography effect is to coordinate pinching the blossom to its peaked perfection in conjunction with your melisma's highest note.

It's all about the melisma, baby.