Simple Saturday! Macaroni Gems

Doesn't John look dapper wearing my snazzy macaroni necklace?Did you gather the supplies? The macaroni with big holes, food coloring, rubbing alcohol, plastic lunch bags, string, and paper towels? Now follow these very simple, yet-can-be-a-bit-messy, instructions and you will make beads lovely enough to wear to the prom.

To play it safe, go ahead and spread out the paper towels first. Make them at least two or three ply thick. (If you would rather not use paper towels, newspaper works just as well. While it doesn't absorb as quickly, it serves as a perfectly suitable drying surface. You'll see what I mean in a minute.)

Grab a handful of macaroni and put them in a bag. Squirt 8 or 9 hearty drops of food coloring on the macaroni. Next, put a capful of alcohol in. 



Zip lock the  plastic bag. Squish the macaroni-food coloring-alcohol mixture around until all of the noodles are saturated.



Lay the beads out on the paper towel to dry.

Repeat process with all of the other colors. After, oh...say...15 minutes you'll have some fantastic beads!!!!! 


I like the way my necklace turned out. It has a has a sort of Native American feel to it, don't you think?

Remember, you can dye any type of macaroni. Actually, my favorite shape to use are the pinwheels. I wish I could see what your necklace looks like. I'll bet it is great.

Simple Saturday Prep: Vividly Vibrant Macaroni Jewels

The Austin weekend weather forecast predicts rain, rain, and more rain. Yes! This Simple Saturday activity is perfectly suited for a damp, soggy rainy day.

I rummaged around the house to gather our needed supplies. Here's the list: paper towels, macaroni with big holes in them, food coloring, plastic lunch bags, yarn, and rubbing alcohol. That's all we need to create dazzlingly stunning macaroni beads. Simply divine!

See you tomorrow.