Simple Saturday! Toilet Paper Roll Kazoos

Wow! Check out this super nice, high-class kazoo. I'm asking Santa for one of these.I could barely get to sleep last night in anticipation for making a kazoo! Visions of sugar plums? Ha! I dreamt about getting a Kazoo Band together! I can see it now. First we'd play back up for Terri Hendrix. Then we'd get our own gig at Stubb's...Jay Leno...Oprah...Lights! Camera! Action!!!

Speaking of action, let's get with it. Shall we? Easy stuff. Here we go.

Got the supplies, right - the toilet paper roll, wax paper, scissors? Oops, yesterday I forgot to mention that you need a rubber band. Can you scare one of those up somewhere? Nab one of your big sister's pony tail holders, if you have to. Oh, she might get mad for a little while, but once she'll get over it once she hears your soulful sound.

 Tear off a piece of the wax paper that's about 6 inches wide. Use the scissors and cut it into a 6 inch square. It doesn't have to measure 6 inches exactly...just close enough for jazz.

A jazz band...that's what my band will play...smooth jazz.

This next step is very important because it affects your kazoo sound quality. Cut a hole midway on the side of the tube. I suggest making that hole about 1 cm in diameter. Honestly, the hole I cut in this one is a bit big. My kazoo still works just fine, but I'm making another one with a smaller hole for my upcoming New Orleans gig.

Now stretch the wax paper over one end of the tube. Secure it with a rubber band and you're in the music business. Put your lips inside the open end of the tube and blow! Feel the wax paper vibrate, man. Rock and roll, baby! Rock and roll!

To make these puppies ever jazzier decorate them. Make them golden like the snazzy brass kazoo made in New York City featured at the top of this post. There's a factory on the Big Apple that's been making kazoos since 1916!  

I'm ready to hit the big time.

My dream is about to come true!

All I need to do now is get my band together...

Go, John! Go, John! Go! Go! Go, John!

Simple Saturday Prep: Toilet Paper Roll Kazoos

Let's make a joyful noise tomorrow! This activity is incredibly easy and great fun - something that will ultimately drive your parents nuts!

All we need is a the cardboard roll at the toilet paper's end (That sounds like a poem title, doesn't it?), a rubber band, some wax paper (or some of that fancy-schmacy Glad Press-and-Seal stuff), and some scissors.

Now kiddies, I am not advocating that you rifle through an entirely good roll of toilet paper just to get a cardboard tube for tomorrow's craft. Nor am I suggesting that you TP your neighbor's trees. Just let your family members know that you have plans for that tube, ignore their questioning expressions, and be patient.

I wouldn't mention the "drive your parents nuts" part, though. We'll keep that quiet...for now.