The Ultimate Simple Saturday Project

My son shared this inspirational video from with me. I have to do the same with you. It's a great story about a community's supportive effort to help make a boy's vision of splendor become a reality. In it, a boy named Caine uses every ounce of his imagination and fortitude to create a true-to-life arcade, complete with a fun pass! The video's great. You have to watch.

Caine's story reminds me of when I directed summer art workshops at a lovely Montessori school in Dallas years ago. Weeks before the program began we'd ask parents to donate supplies such as egg cartons, empty cereal boxes, paper towel rolls, milk and jugs and the like. Folks brought in mounds of the stuff. And, man, I wish you could have seen how good-ol kid ingenuity mixed with a little tape and a touch of tempera transformed the cardboard mountain into unicorns, castles, buses, and cars. Good times...No, those times were the best.

I recall the magical feeling in the air as the kids collaborated on their creative projects. Shouts of "I have an idea!" "Yes!" "Try this!" buzzed around the room. Hours passed like seconds. Together we made fond memories I will cherish for a lifetime. I hope the kids, now grown, remember those days in the same way I do.

Thanks, Caine and, for my stroll down memory lane. 

Keep up the good work!

The sky's the limit for both of you.