Simple Saturday: Time Lapse Photography in No Time!

Before showing you how to create instantaneous floral time lapse photography, I want to make sure that you know how to sing the proper back up music for the event.

I've been poking around the internet and have discovered a warm-up practice called the vocal melisma. I found out, thanks the the lovely girl in the linked YouTube video, that the vocal melisma is when a singer holds one note over one syllable while moving between notes...or something like that. So, practice your melismas and let's going.

 Now, go out there and find a crape myrtle tree. Pick off a few of the buds. Hold the between your thumb and pointer finger. While ripping a melisma, pinch the bud in a low, dramatic way. And then - ahhhhhhhh - a crape myrtle blossom will reveal itself in all of its brilliant splendor!

 A tip for maximizing the dramatic floral time lapse photography effect is to coordinate pinching the blossom to its peaked perfection in conjunction with your melisma's highest note.

It's all about the melisma, baby.


Simple Saturday Prep: Time Lapse Photography in No Time!

Don't you find time lapse photography simply amazing?

I do. I always have.

Especially the kind that features flowers in bloom. Oh, my golly-goodness! I love it! Stuff like HERE and check this out!

Well, my Simple Saturday friend, there is no need to gather up drums or that cool techno-quibbly instrument to do our Simple Saturday Time Lapse Photography tomorrow. No way, Jose'.

 What you will need, though, is a crape (crepe) myrtle tree. Got one? They look like HERE to get a gander.They're kind of a southern tree...something that can endure the brutal heat we're dealing with right now.

 Even if you don't have a crape (crepe) myrtle nearby, stop by tomorrow for some Simple Saturday fun. You know you'll be glad that you did!

Simple Saturday: A Springtime Celebration of Kindness

My front yard phlox and verbenia...ripe for the picking. All right, Simple Saturday pal. We have to get our sly super-sneaks on. That's the name of the Simple Saturday covert game of the Springtime Celebration of Kindness. We have to work like a sleuth and fast, fast, fast!

Got the goods? The paper cup, ribbon, and some flowers (That we have asked permission to pick, I might add. If not, your parents might freak out if they discover a divert in their dahlias. Flowering weeds work wonderfully for this project - truly they do.). here's the backstory regarding this post. As a kid I moved all over the USA. While small measures of my vagabond-like childhood had downsides, most of it was amazing! Like, when I moved to Nebraska (I think it was Nebraska), and springtime arrived, all the kids engaged in the coolest game, which we're going to call the Simple Saturday Springtime Celebration of Kindness.

 The rules of the game were/are as follows.

  • Kids create a May basket like Dixie cup container by poking two holes in the lip of the cup. The piece of ribbon or string was/is strung and secured though the holes creating a handle-like extension of the basket/cup.
  • A small handful of flowers were/are arranged, Simple Saturday style, in the cup.
  • Once the basket/cup arrangement has been created, a team of kids decide upon which favorite neighbor they'd like to bestow their flowery gift upon. Then, the clan of kids would embark upon said chosen beloved neighbor's home, hang the basket/cup bouquet on said neighbor's front door knob, ring the bell, and then run like the devil!
  • Should the gift-givers become discovered, the delivery didn't count. If the recipient guessed who did it, the game was still on. They/you had/have to go back and do it all again with another neighbor in mind.

 The aspect that I love most about this game was/is the secretive nature of doing a good deed for another. The point to the game was to avoid getting found out. I love that! What a even more wonderful world this would be if we weren't so worried about getting credit for the kind deeds we do, ya think?

Heck, together let's spread Springtime a sly, covert, Simple Saturday kind of way. Wanna? Let's go!

Simple Saturday Prep: A Springtime Celebration of Kindness

In Texas? Nah...This picture amazes me. Behold those bold and beautiful crocus blossoms fighting their way through that chilly snow. Ye-gads! Now that's what I call tenacity! Those flowers ain't April Fooling around, I tell you.

I found this photo on one of my most favorite blogs, Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast. You should check it out. It's really good! I read it when I need a good poetic shot in the arm.

So, this morning I'm walking Tripod, admiring the neighborhood's newly planted flowers, and this week's Simple Saturday activity popped into my head! Ready for some super-sneaky fun?

 Tomorrow we're going to reenact one of my most favorite childhood memories - one that celebrates the onset of springtime, friendship, and your marvelous sense of adventure. All we need is a small paper cup, a piece of ribbon, and some tiny flowers.

 All for now. Now go out and enjoy this lovely spring in Texas, anyway!