Simple Saturday: Birthday Money Cake

 Why pay a bunch of money on a store bought cake when you can have a ton of fun with a Simple Saturday Birthday Money Cake? I'm telling you, kids love this thing. They'll gobble up a desert-dry cake like a bayou full of gators! I know this from first hand experience. checked yesterday's list, right? Do you have the cake mix (if you're a cheater, like me), a can of frosting, a handful of coins, foil, and a button?

Go ahead and bake the cake in the same way that you would any regular one. Any cake pan will do. Square, round, rectangle - your choice.

After the cake has cooled, wrap the coins and the button in pieces of foil. Be sure to cover them good. Poke the coins and the button in random places in the cake. Lastly, conceal those treasures with a thick layer of frosting...yum!

 Slice the cake. Serve it. Ask the kids to wait until everyone's got their cake and then let them motor their way through.

The kid that gets the button may seem disappointed, but no...they are actually the winner! Have a special prize set aside for them. Nothing elaborate...maybe a toy car or small doll. Something thoughtful for the clever button-finder.

 My mother made this birthday cake for me when I was a child and I continued the tradition with my own children. I've once heard that the Money Cake originated in the Depression Era. Interesting, isn't it?

Actually, what I think is cool is that simplicity, thoughtfulness, and tradition never grow old.

Simple Saturday Prep: Birthday Money Cake

 Oh, my! Look who stopped by this morning to wish me a Happy Birthday! The Beatles!!!! Dang...I'm in for a good day, aren't I?

That's right, today's my birthday and I cannot think of better company to party with than YOU (and the Beatles).

So, in celebration of this momentous day, let's make a Simple Saturday  Money Birthday Cake, want to? For starters, I bought a cake mix and a can of frosting for my base. (I'm not a make-it-from-scratch kind of baker. Never have been . Never will be.)

 Now, to make this cake special, tomorrow you'll need to gather up about 6 or 7 coins, some foil, and a button. That's right, I said a button. Naturally I've got a game to go along with this. Trust me. It'll be a blast.

Now it's time for a little sing-a-long with Paul....the best birthday present a girl could ever ask for!