Simple Saturday: Bird Necklaces

Oh, how our feathered friends will love you for making these. They truly will.

Remember what we need to make Bird Necklaces? Yarn, tape, scissors, and the oh-so-delicious-and-not-very-nutritious Froot Loops?

(I can't tell you the last time I have eaten Froot Loops. Too long, pal. Way too long. When I opened this box that amazing fake fruit smell assaulted my nose and made my mouth water like a summertime sprinkler. Yum! Yum!)

Your sewing tip should look something like this when you're finished. Well, all we have to do is cut a piece of yarn about 12 inches long, or so. Next, make a sewing tip with a piece of tape. Just wrap the tape around one end of your piece of yarn and you're golden.

And now, simply string Froot Loops until your piece of yarn is nearly full. Tie the ends together. Snip off the excess yarn and tip. Whalla! You have made a Bird Necklace.

 (If you're lucky, like I was, a  number of the Froot Loops will be stuck together and cannot be threaded onto the string. Oh, gee...there was nothing I could do but eat those, right?)

Make lots and lots of Bird Necklaces. Then simply step outside in your backyard and hang them on your trees. Trust me. The word will spread in the bird world. You'll have tons of feathered friends nibbling at those necklaces before long.

Tweet. Tweet.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I think I might make myself a little bowl of cereal for a wee midnight snack...

Simple Saturday Prep: Bird Necklaces

Ready for one of the absolutely simplest-yet-oh-so-much-fun-to-watch-once it-is-finished Simple Saturday activities? Now, when I say simple, in this case, I really, really mean simple. And this one is especially fun to do with a bunch of people together. So gather up a crowd and let's make a winter-time delight known as Bird Necklaces.

All you'll need tomorrow is yarn, tape, scissors, and cereal that has a hole in the center. Cheerios work well, but my most favorite is Froot Loops. Not only do Froot Loops make a fabulously colorful finished product, they taste so darned sweet and good.

See you later, Tweetie.