back to school

Simple Saturday: Get Organized Without Losing It

All right, y'all. You already know that I've been teaching since the TRex wore diapers, right? That being said, these old eyeballs know a good thing when they see one and Janet Fox's Get Organized Without Losing It rules!

Teachers and parents, if you're seeking a source to help create a little calm in the back-to school chaos, this book is it! Dudes and dudettes, look no further. I say that you have found the academic organizational Mecca right here and now!

We're not only talking about strategies to keep those binders bound in order or ways to keep time managed to a tee. Nope. We're talking about sensitive, child-centered approaches to insure that your precious darling will find success in the wacko world known as SCHOOL.

Here's what I suggest that you do. Step one: Order Janet Fox's incredible book. Step two: Download the game I created to compliment this book by clicking HERE, which goes hand-in-hand with the organizational principles presented in the text.

And then, Back-To-School 2011-2012 will be a breeze, baby! I guarantee it!

Prep: Back to Schooling Again

I just can't help it.

The thrill of preparing for school is woven deep within my DNA. It just is. My heart palpitates when Wal-Mart puts three-ring binders on sale. Yesterday the Office Max guy found me fingering the felt tip pens. Rulers...Bic pens...erasers...spiral notebooks...Oh, gosh! I'm all a tizzie.

Where to start? Where to begin? How can I get organized, I ask you?

Deep breaths, Debbie. Deep breaths.

You'll be ever-so-glad to know that I once made a guide that covers back-to-school organization techniques and more! And, if you're you're as back-to-school excitable as I am, make yourself a nice cup of camomile tea and try to relax until Simple Saturday. Operant word? Try.