Adventures of a Debut Author - Website Analysis (Full Disclosure)

Trent Reedy, author extraordinaire, wiser words were never spoken.

Redesigning a website? Ugh, that’s a monster of an ordeal.  Lucky for me, in January my daughter, Taylor, undertook that task of building this one for me. Gratitude for her swells within each time I access mine. I really like my Squarespace website. It’s clean, organized, affordable, and easy to update (when I get around to doing it).  I wonder what the internet thinks about  Let’s find out. Want to?

Here’s what Nibbler has to say about my site.

Nibbler 1.jpg

They’re giving me an Overall score of 7.6 out of 10. I’ll take it, for now.  I think that fact that I’ve had this site since 2009 helped the 8.4 score in the Amount of Content category. Whew.

Yipes! A 6.2 for marketing!!!! Goose eggs for Google+ and Analytics! And a 2.8 for Popularity? Oh, dear. I have my work cut out for me, don’t I? Boy, oh I ever.

As part of my debut author prep, I think it's important to wrap my head around this stuff. I'll bet, if I can change my red scores to green and the greens to blue I'll be stepping in high cotton with an Overall score of 8.5 or so! While I'm not going to go crazy over these numbers, I am going to learn about them. Because, face it, debut authors need a solid presence on the internet, one that has been established well before the book is in print. Yes ma'am, we sure do. 

Well, fellow debut author, guess what we're going to doing over the next few weeks.

Yep. Grab that cheese grater. We've got some web work to do.