Simple Saturday: The Ultimate Dog Toy

 Just look into those amber eyes, will you? He LOVES this toy!

Here's all you do to make it. Of course you've purchased the most inexpensive 9 inch wide piece of fleece fabric you could find, right? (If you paid more than $3.00, shame on you. Keep it as cheap as you can. That's half the Simple Saturday fun.)

So, all you do is lay it out flat, cut it into three or four long strips, and knot it in random places. Big knots. Little knots. Tie the strips together here and there and everywhere. And then...presto! You've made a Simple Saturday Ultimate Dog Toy!

Tripod hasn't quit playing with it since I gave it to him. He flips it in the air. Gnaws on it. Paws at it.

I'm ready for him to saw some logs on it.

Good night, Tripod.

Simple Saturday Prep: A Springtime Celebration of Kindness

In Texas? Nah...This picture amazes me. Behold those bold and beautiful crocus blossoms fighting their way through that chilly snow. Ye-gads! Now that's what I call tenacity! Those flowers ain't April Fooling around, I tell you.

I found this photo on one of my most favorite blogs, Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast. You should check it out. It's really good! I read it when I need a good poetic shot in the arm.

So, this morning I'm walking Tripod, admiring the neighborhood's newly planted flowers, and this week's Simple Saturday activity popped into my head! Ready for some super-sneaky fun?

 Tomorrow we're going to reenact one of my most favorite childhood memories - one that celebrates the onset of springtime, friendship, and your marvelous sense of adventure. All we need is a small paper cup, a piece of ribbon, and some tiny flowers.

 All for now. Now go out and enjoy this lovely spring in Texas, anyway!