Simple Saturday


Below is a video showing how to make a Hibernating Bear Craft which is part of a CCSS-Aligned Discussion & Activity guide created for Eileen Meyer’s SWEET DREAMS, WILD ANIMALS: A STORY OF SLEEP.  The book guide can be downloaded at the author’s website at or right here!!!!

Synopsis: Fourteen animals, including the cuddly koala, the hairy anteater, and the wise owl, are featured in this lyrical bedtime story about the unusual ways that animals sleep. Natural history notes explain how each animal sleeps, from the magnificent frigate bird, which naps while flying hundreds of feet above the sea, to the walrus, which sleeps with its tusks anchored in floating ice. Whimsical watercolors of dozing animals will help any weary child fall to sleep with a smile.


Written by: Eileen Meyer


Illustrated by: Laurie Caple


Published by: Mountain Press Publishing Company

ISBN: 978-0670012855


The Activity Guide: The perfect piece of promotional panache

A paper plate puppet unearthed from the Simple Saturday archives of old.Back in 2009, the sheer delight of creating simple, entertaining activities for the young and old alike birthed this website. Be it a science experiment or a messy arts and craft something or other, the original Simple Saturday premise was to encourage folks to stop by and enjoy a little crafting fun together. In a way, each original blog post could be considered as an activity guide – a quick explanation about a fun little project to do in a short amount of time. 

Activity guides serve as the perfect piece of promotional panache. Short. Inexpensive.  To the point.  Fun. And, many offer games and follow-up lessons that can be aligned with those all empowering academic standards.  A one-stop shop, if you ask me.

Author Cynthia Lui knows all about the power of the Activity Guide. When she contacted me to make a Comprehensive Guide and a Readers’ Theatre script for her darling Wooby and Peep: A Story of an Unlikely Friendship, I did a little poking around on her website to discover she already had some spiffy Activity Guides posted there. It seems that she and illustrator Mary Peterson had partnered up to create marionette-like cut-outs to print and play with. These lend themselves perfectly to be used as puppets in the Readers’ Theatre! Nice work, Cynthia and Mary!

I still hear the Saturday call of the glue gun and have a few plans to create something simple and new. In fact, I got a stash of paper towel rolls piling up in the basement ready and waiting to be crafted with. All I need are some magnets, a couple of thin wooden dowels, poster board, some tempera paint, and YOU! Intrigued? Well then, come back soon and let’s have some Simple Saturday fun together, like old times.

Want to?

Beautiful Holiday Bows - A gift for you!

Click on the image to access the link and have some bodacious bow-making fun!

We've been working hard on those Core Standards, haven't we? The kids are out school on holiday break. We should do the same today, right? Let's make some bows. Want to?

The initial Simple Saturday premise was founded in 2009 as a website reference for simple, entertaining and inexpensive crafts and amusements for kids of all ages. This premise seemed like a natural way to jump into the blogging scene. One thing is for certain, it’s been a ton of fun posting about things that I enjoy doing!

In a post launched back in 2010, I explained how to make holiday bows. Friends, do not buy those expensive ones when you can create your own for a fraction of the price! Click on this link and find out how easy it is to do so.

If you have any trouble, just shoot me a comment and I’ll see what I can do help make your holiday bright!