Simple Saturday: Monkey Business

 Good morning, Erik Kuntz!

Isn't this little fella just the cutest thing, ever? And easy to make, too, thanks to the pattern found on Erik's site or the .pdf attached HERE.

All I did was print the pattern on cardstock. Cut it out and follow Erik's great folding directions. He suggests that you use glue to secure the edges of the folds. That might be a better idea than using tape, like I did. I also used part of a drinking straw to support the inside of the sign's handle. Don't want a floppy greeting sign, now do we?

 Wouldn't this little guy serve as a darling place card at a kid's birthday party? Or charming greeter at an event welcome table?

Or just a Simple Saturday way to say hello to a friend.

Now go and have a lovely weekend. See you next week.

Simple Saturday Prep: Monkey Business

 What a cutie patootie, don't you think? Looks like he's revving up for a good time, doesn't he?

So, hey, tomorrow want to make a monkey business with me? Maybe a make a monkey who will help you market your wares?

Join me as we cyber-surf into the monkey-filled world of the amazingly-talented-yet-ever-so-humble Erik Kuntz, the master mind behind Square Bear Studios and a dear, dear friend of mine. All you need to create a Simple Saturday Monkey Business craft is scissors, tape, card stock, and your printer.

 Click HERE to get in the mood for a little monkey business. Or HERE to listen to the monkey of all monkeys, King Louie, sing one of my favorite songs ever."I wanna be like you, hoo, hoo, I wanna walk like you. Talk like you - hoo, hoo, hoo."

See you-hoo-hoo tomorrow!