A Simple Saturday Craft for You - Merry Christmas Bows

I thought it might be fun to resurface an old Simple Saturday craft project blog post - one that was originally posted FIVE YEARS AGO! Isn't that crazy? I hope you enjoy this little blast from the past. Gather up scissors, ribbon, and a piece of florist wire and I'll show you how how crafting a Christmas bow is done!

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Simple Saturday - Dec. 17, 2010

You know you want one of these gorgeous bows nestled in the branches of your Christmas tree. After I show you how super-simple it is to make these loopy lovelies, you'll want to make a million of them!

Lean in and let me tell you a secret. It took me less than 5 minutes to make that ribbony treasure. With a little bit of practice, you'll be in the Simple Saturday Super Merry Christmas Bow making business in no time. Come on! Let's get started!


 With our 1 3/4 inch wide ribbon, light gauged florist wire and scissors in hand we're ready to bring on the bow-ness. The only real challenge to making a holiday bow is to be certain that you've got a firm pinch going on. Powerful pinching pressure is the key to beautiful bow creating.


To begin, cut a piece of ribbon about 2 1/2 feet long. Make that first pinch about 4 inches from one end of the ribbon. Now fold the long end of the ribbon back forming a loop about the same size as the ribbon strip to the left. PINCH! Bring it back and around on the left. Make a loop and PINCH! Repeat this procedure three times making 6 lovely loops.


Let's add a little depth to this pretty puppy by making a couple of loops on top of the three we've previously made. What's the magic word? You've got it. PINCH!

To make a streamer, make a long loop at the base of your bow. For the finishing touch, make loop the ribbon over your thumb to create a nice center focal point and PINCH like you've never pinched before.


At the back of the bow, lay the florist wire on top of your thumb and carefully gather the hoops together. Don't quit pinching until all of the loops have been securely gathered by the wire. Twist the wire tightly.

Cut the long loop at the bow base to form a streamer. Wiggle waggle the loops around, fluffing them up to create the rich fullness every holiday bow deserves. Attach your Super Merry Christmas Bow to a tree or a wreath...anywhere for that matter...with the florist wire. You know what to do with that wire, don't you? PINCH!


 I'd like to end this post in deep gratitude for the bounty beneath my Christmas tree, for the blessings of friendship, and a sincere wish that you have the happiest holiday EVER!

Merry Christmas!