When a Young Reader Posts about Your Book on Their Website

Meet Bridget

Meet Bridget

Bridget and the Books: A girl who loves to read

I met an amazing young woman during a story time signing at Literati Books last week. Her name is Bridget and she is on fire for reading! Not only is her high-energy personality great fun to be around, she’s well-read and quite knowledgeable about all of the latest books on coming out on the kidlit scene today. I was thoroughly impressed by her ability to make connections between pertinent subject matter and contemporary resources. For instance, Althea Gibson is one of the girls with guts featured in my book. After I read Althea’s passage, Bridget instantly popped up with a connection between the passage and Varian Johnson’s The Parker Inheritance. Well done, Bridget!

I was also enamored by her delightful father, whose pride for his daughter radiates throughout his entire being. He actively supports for Bridget’s love and reading and blog production by traveling around the city assuring that she can meet authors, face-to-face. He keeps her focused, enthused, and nutritionally fortified. I really enjoyed getting to know him, too.

Take a moment to access Bridget’s blog. Enjoy reading the vast number of author interviews she’s got listed there. (She’s invited me to contribute an interview to her blog. I’ll share my post once it goes live. ) Appreciate her generosity as she directs readers to consider the platforms other cool kids are creating. Read five reasons why Bridget had to says readers will like Girls with Guts.

Learn more about Bridget and the Books by accessing her Facebook page and on Instagram. Contact information and book review deets can be found on her website. She’s adorable firecracker! You’ll love her.