A de Coubertin Conundrum

Say what? Pierre, you can't be serious.

I have news for you, my friend. Things have changed since 1894, during the time you established the modern Olympic Games. Big time, brother. While you may not have fully intended for females to take part in the Olympic games, this summer in Rio, females are doing so and are coming on strong!

The Father of the Modern Olympic Games

The Father of the Modern Olympic Games

We appreciate that you darn-near single-handedly pulled together the first Olympic Games in Athens. Despite all kinds of odds, you and a few others invited athletes from nine different countries to attend and compete in a sports conference modeled by the Grecian games of yon. Bravo! You might be happy to know that your five-ring Olympic symbol is alive and well, too.

You once said, “The important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning but taking part. Just as in life, the aim is not to conquer but to struggle well.” I wish were here to witness the tenacity and prowess of the 2016 Olympic female athletes. Pierre, your legacy lives in these women as they compete in the games they love. You’d be astounded by their strength of mind and character, typifying the motto you established way back when – Faster. Higher. Stronger. They’re simply incredible.

All in all though, Pierre, we have to thank you for your Olympic vision. You accomplished a great deal for athletes – worldwide! For that, we’re extremely grateful.

But the notion of counting girls out?

The girls in Rio 2016 are proving you wrong on that one.