School Visit CCSS Coaching

Authors and Illustrators, it's time to get a winning school visit game plan in place. Anymore, though, schools are requiring more of you than simply inspiring kids to fall in love with the written word, aren't they? Yep. Educators want your presentation to be academically sound, too. And, furthermore, they want documented proof that you're going to deliver the goods.

Oh, man. What now?

Recently, a librarian asked author/illustrator Don Tate to present documentation showing how his school visit presentation aligned with the Common Core State Standards. "Not a problem," I told him. Together, he and I met this librarian's request with ease.

Don described his engaging, well-planned presentation to me, point by point. After spending some time analyzing and strategising, I comprised a detailed document  packed with CCSS annotations and follow-up activities that he can confidently take with him wherever he pleases.

The most satisfying part of this project was to witness the relief Don expressed when he realized that he wouldn't have to alter his presentation format one iota. Score!