The Sandwich Bag Bomb

Click on the pic and buy the book. You'll be glad you did.This book is filled with the most incredible experiments, wonders that will wow even the worst scientific cynic. As it states in the introduction, "For most of the experiments, a broad smile and an open mind will count for far more than a white coat and a calculator. So throw yourself into these funny, eye-opening, quirky experiments and see where they take you." To this invitation I enthusiastically say, "Here! Here!"

For starters, I decided I'd like to make the Sandwich-Bag Bomb, found on page 10. (Though, the chance to make Frankenstein's Hand on Page 46 is still talking to me.) I tell you, after reading these words in "The Scientific Excuse"  - ...carbon dioxide soon fills the bag and then, after straining at the bag's seams, pops with a bang - my heart was racing. My pulse was pounding. My insides were jittering. I just had to make a Sandwich-Bag Bomb, and that was all there was to it. I even convinced my grandson to join me in my deviousness. Poor kid.

Here's how it went down. Marcel and I carefully followed the instructions to a T. Marcel made the "envelope" (the secret code work for bomb) with a paper towel and baking soda. I poured the water and vinegar mixture in the plastic lunch bag. He dropped the "envelope" (wink, wink) into my solution. I sealed the bag and gave it a little shake. We dropped it on the driveway and ran like the devil.

 And then...and then...and exploded with all of the cresendo-ing swell of, well, a toot! That's right, all of that hoopla for a mere flatulent puff!

I should have stuck with making Frankie's hand.

Next time.