Simple Saturday: Geography - A Travel Game

So sorry to keep you waiting. Been busy loading up the car, getting geared up for a rowdy road trip. Now that the rig is all set, let's get playing Simple Saturday Geography - A Travel Game.

Here's how we play:

Among the available players in the car, decide on predictiable rotation pattern. Perhaps you might let the youngest player goes first. The person to the wee one's right goes next and around the horn from there.

The first player says a geographical location - any city, state, or country will do. Maybe our tiny tot says, "Austin." All right. Good start.

Austin ends in the letter 'N'. The next player has to think of a geographic location beginning with that letter. about..."Nashville"? That ends in the letter 'E', so let's think of somewhere in the world that begins with that letter.

Hmmm... What do you think?





Yeah! Let's go with Egypt!

So, think about the word 'Egypt'. What's the last letter in the word? What letter will the next player have to use for their geographical location? Right. You got it, Mr. Smart Guy... the letter 'T'.

 And that's how it goes. Each person comes up with a new city, state, or country based on the last letter of the previous player's chosen location. No repeating places, now. Each spot has to be original. When someone can't come up with a place, game over! Start again.

 And again. And again...all the way home.