Simple Saturday Pudding Pops on Neighbor's Day

To begin with, let me tout the splendor of this amazing picture book, Around Our Way on Neighbor's Day, written by Tameka Fryer Brown and illustrated by Charlotte Riley-Webb. If you're looking for a lively book that celebrates a sense of community, diversity, and the joy of friendship look no further, pal. This book is a one stop shop for all things neighborly.

Speaking of shop...did you get the milk, Dixie cup, Popsicle stick, and box a instant pudding we talked about yesterday? Good. Now you're ready to mix up a little bit of tongue-tickling fun!

Access the Teacher's Activity Guide by clicking HERE. The recipe for Simple Saturday Pudding Pops can be found on page 6.  While you're at it you might like to check out the discussion questions, the other craft ideas, and the rockin'-sockin' song list. Get down with your bad self... Afterwards, go ahead and buy the book. You know want to!