Simple Saturday Prep: Time Lapse Photography in No Time!

Don't you find time lapse photography simply amazing?

I do. I always have.

Especially the kind that features flowers in bloom. Oh, my golly-goodness! I love it! Stuff like HERE and check this out!

Well, my Simple Saturday friend, there is no need to gather up drums or that cool techno-quibbly instrument to do our Simple Saturday Time Lapse Photography tomorrow. No way, Jose'.

 What you will need, though, is a crape (crepe) myrtle tree. Got one? They look like HERE to get a gander.They're kind of a southern tree...something that can endure the brutal heat we're dealing with right now.

 Even if you don't have a crape (crepe) myrtle nearby, stop by tomorrow for some Simple Saturday fun. You know you'll be glad that you did!