Simple Saturday Prep: Birthday Money Cake

 Oh, my! Look who stopped by this morning to wish me a Happy Birthday! The Beatles!!!! Dang...I'm in for a good day, aren't I?

That's right, today's my birthday and I cannot think of better company to party with than YOU (and the Beatles).

So, in celebration of this momentous day, let's make a Simple Saturday  Money Birthday Cake, want to? For starters, I bought a cake mix and a can of frosting for my base. (I'm not a make-it-from-scratch kind of baker. Never have been . Never will be.)

 Now, to make this cake special, tomorrow you'll need to gather up about 6 or 7 coins, some foil, and a button. That's right, I said a button. Naturally I've got a game to go along with this. Trust me. It'll be a blast.

Now it's time for a little sing-a-long with Paul....the best birthday present a girl could ever ask for!