Simple Saturday: Math Wheels

Parents, this little Math Wheel download just might be the summer time lifesaver of the century! (Well, maybe not the lifesaver of the whole century, but it will make math fact practice a bit more palatable around su casa.)

Stop the tooth-and-nail-squabbling and download a Simple Saturday Math Wheel worksheet HERE. Cut out the two wheels, grab a pencil and we're ready to roll!

You'll notice that one wheel has an addition sign printed in the center circle and the other has a multiplication sign. As you can see in the picture on the left, I practiced my 5's - both my addition facts and my multiplication facts. Aren't you proud of me?

 All you have to do is write a number in the center of the wheel and then compute working to the outside of the wheel. To practice another set of facts simply print off another sheet, choose a number - say 3, this time - and compute to your little heart's content.

Have your kiddos work a few of these every day and you've got that fact practice taken care of leaving plenty of time for summer time splish-splashing!