Simple Saturday: Labels of Love

What? Me? Read?The Simple Saturday Labels of Love reading game is so easy a dog can do it! For real. Let me show you.

Did you do what I asked you to yesterday? Did you take note of your wee one's objects of desire? Things that are the most important to them? We're going to use their love for these things to spark a love of the written word.

Have you gathered up the supplies? The index cards and markers? You haven't? Well, hurry up and get them. Tripod and I will wait for you.

Lick. Lick. Slobber. Slobber. Hug. Hug. Oh! You're back! Good...

 Now all you have to do is write the names of the objects of desire on the cards. Make a few labels. How many? Oh, about ten or so would be good. Show your child how the word is spelled. Talk about the beginning letters, the ending know the drill. Help your child become familiar with the identification of the words. Then, mix up the cards and ask your little darling to read the cards and then find those items in the house. Reading is that easy! 

 Tripod actually did a pretty good job with this game, too. He found his toys, where his food is stored, his water bowl, and his bed. Good boy, right?

Well, I guess since he matched the label for his leash we'd better use it. See ya! We're off for a lovely Simple Saturday walk. Wish you could join us!