Simple Saturday Prep: Monkey Business

 What a cutie patootie, don't you think? Looks like he's revving up for a good time, doesn't he?

So, hey, tomorrow want to make a monkey business with me? Maybe a make a monkey who will help you market your wares?

Join me as we cyber-surf into the monkey-filled world of the amazingly-talented-yet-ever-so-humble Erik Kuntz, the master mind behind Square Bear Studios and a dear, dear friend of mine. All you need to create a Simple Saturday Monkey Business craft is scissors, tape, card stock, and your printer.

 Click HERE to get in the mood for a little monkey business. Or HERE to listen to the monkey of all monkeys, King Louie, sing one of my favorite songs ever."I wanna be like you, hoo, hoo, I wanna walk like you. Talk like you - hoo, hoo, hoo."

See you-hoo-hoo tomorrow!