Simple Saturday: The Incredible Pyramid-Shaped Bubble Maker

 Those Egyptians ain't got nothin' on us! We'll show the them the 8th wonder of the world - The Simple Saturday Pyramid-Shaped Bubble Maker! Look out, Pharaoh. Your days are numbered (Well, I guess that's sort of an empty threat, isn't it?). 

I have to confess to you, my dear friend, that I am making this post in the wee, dark hours of the night. I'm telling you this because, in order to make my Simple Saturday early morning posting deadline, while I have made the Incredible Pyramid-Shaped Bubble Maker, I am not able to demonstrate its bubble-ishious splendor in the moon-light. Trust me, though. It's cool.

Have you made the Monster Bubble solution yet? Just click right HERE for the recipe. I tell you, once you've used Monster Bubbles, the store stuff becomes very disappointing.

Behold! The 8th wonder of the WORLD!You did gather the yarn and straws, right? I decide to use only 6 straws instead of 8. It worked out just fine this way. 

Cut 2 longish strings of yarn. Find the middle of the strands and knot them. Now slip 2 straws on each string and fashion your pyramid. Tie knots at the points...and there you have it! Submerge it into a bucket of Monster Bubble solution and you've got bubbles for days!

I do wish I could give you a nifty, swifty demonstration. Alas, it is just too dark out there to see anything at all.

I know! The next time my granddaughter comes around we'll give it a whirl. She's a bubble blowing fiend!

Yawn....Good night.