Simple Saturday Prep: The Incredible Pyramid-Shaped Bubble Maker

 To me, there is nothing more relaxingly peaceful than the repetititve act of blowing bubbles. I have to say, next to petting my dog, bubble-blowing is one of my most favorite things to do. Don't you agree? There is just something wonderful about the blowing and popping, blowing and popping, blowing and popping that eases my mind. And, with summer coming just around the corner, what could be more fun to a kid than making Monster Bubbles with an awesomely cool Simple Saturday Pyramid-Shaped Bubble Maker. Oh, man...I can hardly wait!

Tomorrow, along with the ingredients to make Monster Bubbles (glycerine, Dawn detergent, and water) you'll need to collect 8 drinking straws and some yarn. Easy enough, right?

Join me tomorrow and let's bliss out blowing bubbles together, want to? Ommmmm....