Simple Saturday: Bored on the Bayou? Play Dots.

A game guaranteed to save your ever-loving family vacationing mind is Dots. Just grab a piece of paper, a coupla pencils or pens, and a pal to play with and let's go!

To create a game board, simply draw a series grid of dots in straight horizontal and vertical rows.

To play, draw a line to connect two dots. Now it's your podnah's turn. You draw. They draw. You draw. They draw.

Hint: Alternating color drawings would be best. I'm on holiday myself and am limited with available supplies. Sorry.

The goal of this line-drawing-dot-connecting madness is to, eventually, create a box in which you can lay your brand in. Once you create a box initial it. And, when you do, you get another turn. Hopefully you can score a nice series of boxes to brand before your podnah does. Whoever has the most boxes initialled wins! Woot!

Game over? Then get out another paper and do it all over again. Good luck and have a great summer vacation.