Simple Saturday Prep: Bored on the Bayou

 Summertime's coming! Woo-hee-hee-hoo! Can't wait!!! It's my most favorite time of year.

Will you be taking a trip this summer? Some sort of crazy-fun family summer vacation together? Maybe you'll be lucky enough to go to Louisiana.  Enjoy a bowl of spicey shrimp creole or some of those yummy beignets. If you do get a chance to head down to the Pelican State, don't forget to catch a little zydeco while you're there. I just can't sit still when I hear that music.

 You and I know that not every single second of vacation travel is all crazy fun, right? There are long hours of hanging at the airport, sitting in the car's backseat, and thumb-twiddling-time when you're bored out of your gourd waiting for whatever the plan is to happen. Not to worry. Bring a pencil and paper with you tomorrow and I'll show you something to help to avoid becoming bored on the bayou.