Simple Saturday: Keys to Reading

Today we're going to make a Simple Saturday Keys to Reading puzzle with a collection of old keys, a small piece of cardstock, and a fine-tipped marker. That's all we need. Let's get with it!

On the piece of cardstock, lay out your keys in a pattern that pleases you. Maybe gradate them from large to small.  Or in a random splash-like design. Anything that meets your fancy. Shoot, while you're at it, make a variety of pattern cards. Let the good times roll!

Next, trace around the keys with the fine-tipped marker. Bingo, baby! You've made a puzzle!!! Good for you! Now sit back and marvel as your wee ones as they decifer between the various keys' bendy and straight lines, discovering which key goes where

Not only does this super simple activity help to develop eye-hand coordination and help to lengthen the concentration span, it offers the early reader the opportunity to discriminate between the ups and downs of line shapes. Pair this up with sight/sound discrimination and you've got a reader, pal.