Simple Saturday Prep: Keys to Reading

 Okay, my Simple Saturday buddies, tomorrow's post features another one of those activities that are so simple and yet so profound that I am almost ashamed to launch it.


Got any kiddos that are working to learn the shapes of letters? That in grasping the awareness that specific bends and straights of simple line drawings is actually key to learning something completely life altering - the ability to READ!!!! Can you give me  hearty hip, hip, hooray for reading? Hip. Hip. HOORAY!

Tomorrow bring a fistful of old keys, a piece of cardstock, a fine-tipped marker, and maybe some scissors with you and we'll make a game guaranteed to mesmerize any child working to unlock the mysteries of  the sight/sound connection  of the written word.

Uh, oh. I feel another cheer coming over me. Please indulge me, won't you? Hip. Hip. HOORAY!!!