Simple Saturday Prep: Bubble Gum Game

 Parents and teachers, have you ever been in situations such as these? Say, you have there are two or more kids of the bubbly-bouncing quasi-strong-willed sort. And you, being the adult in the scene, have to decide which one goes first in any given situation - be it who will become the the leader in the line, or who is to be the first one to hit the get the picture.

My dear grown-up friends, trust me...the Simple Saturday Bubble Gum Game serves as a fun, palatable way to convince your darling children to perform some less-than-appealing duty or to fairly choose who may be first to engage in an over-the-top-exciting task. And, despite it's gummy name, the game is Sugar Free!

 So, tomorrow, gather up the kiddies in your life  - those that need your guidance figuring out who earns the high honor of leading the pack.We will need both their hands and their feet to play this game together.

Not dismembered, mind you. That just wouldn't be right.