Simple Saturday Prep: A Mouthful of Lightning

You heard me right. Tomorrow we're going to make lightning pop in our mouths.

Don't worry, Mama. No electricity is required. Just a mirror, a really-really-really dark room, a peppermint candy, and your mouth.

Okay...some of you might find the following suggestion a little on the gross side, but (now that I have your full attention) I found that a ripe and raw morning mouth works the best. It seems that the fullest sense of oral earthiness proves to be the perfect condition for Simple Saturday Mouth Lightning. 

If at all possible skip brushing your teeth tonight. Do what you have to. Beg, borrow, or bribe Mom into giving you one night off...just one? (You know how to play that whine just right to get what you want, don't you? I know.  It's a practiced skill. Use it to your advantage.)

See you tomorrow morning with your bad-breathed self. We'll have some fun then.