Simple Saturday: A Mouthful of Lightning

 Talk about packing a peppermint punch! Get ready to see this everyday, common treat put some sparkle in your life...err... mouth!

All right now, pal, I have to tell you that this amazing phenomenon happens pretty darned fast. You'll have to keep those peepers open wide or you'll miss the whole light show.

Here's how it goes. Unwrap the peppermint before entering the darkened room. With your mirror nearby, either on the wall or in your hand, go ahead and close the door. Now...wedge that candy on between your upper and lower back molars, spread your lips wide in the biggest open mouth grin you can muster, and bite down on the candy.

Oh! Did you see that?

That spark?

You didn't? Well, not to worry. Just rinse out your mouth with warm water and do it again.

Remember, watch closely because it happens lightning fast!