Simple Saturday: The Chia Challenge

 I'm not quite ready to call Jack to begin scaling this fledging stalk. No, not yet. We've got a way to go still. Tell him the Simple Saturday Chia Challenge is moving along at a steady and promising pace. Tell him, "Soon, pal. Soon."

Just four days ago I set the stage for the competition by slicing the tops off of three small carrots. Oh, maybe I cheated a wee bit - or shall we say 'played the advantage' - because I chose a few carrots with leafy, feather-like remnants on top. (Not that it mattered at all in the ultimate growth process.) Then I placed my treasures on a saucer filled with water. Now, I didn't drown my little darlings. Instead the water level remains comfortably between the leafy upper nub and the sliced edge below.

Well, if you think a watched pot doesn't boil, try 24/7 carrot top surveillance. Gadzooks! S-l-o-w going, er...growing.

But then, finally, on Day 3, I saw it. My glorious, tenacious shoot bursting up through those dried leaf remnants. Hot diggity dog! It worked! My carrot top is still re-growing and at a semi-speedy rate!

I tell ya, it doesn't get much simpler or more fun than this, my friends. Wahoo! You know... its kinda sad that a large majority of our kids have never done this simplistic, miraculous activity. That's a shame...a crying shame.

Maybe next week we can sprout a few of Jack's magic beans. Wanna?