Simple Saturday Prep: The Chia Challenge

Have you ever owned a Chia? Dampened that strange terra-cotta shape? Smeared mustard-seed sized pellets into the shape's saturated grooves? Poured water into the hollowed-out space inside your Chia critter and waited...and waited...and waited for those lush green sprouts to...well...sprout?

I ask you, why spend your hard earned cash on a Chia Pet when you can have the same molasses-slow-waiting-to-grow experience on the cheap, Simple Saturday style?

Tomorrow, let's challenge the Chia with a few carrot tops, a saucer, and some water....want to?

Note: While the Simple Saturday Chia Challenge experience is cheapo, it still requires the same watching-paint-dry-patience required in owning  a Chia without that painful, biting pinch of the pocket book...if you know what I mean.