Simple Saturday: Colorful Water Bottle Fun

Check out these vivid primary colors. Are they terrific?

You have scrounged up the three water bottles, water, and food coloring, right? Lucky for me, I've got plenty of bright Texas-football-weather like sunshine to play with. How about you? What's your tempie like?

Okay...go ahead and drop 6 or so fat drops of color into the water. If you're careful, you can watch the color slowly ribbon down through the water. After a while, go ahead and mix the water and color up by shaking the bottle a few times.

Now here comes the easy part. We're going to blend primary colors to create secondary colors by simply placing one bottle near one another and allowing sunlight to to do heavy lifting.

For example, the luscious green illuminating from the bottle to the right was created by placing the yellow bottle next to the blue one. Pretty cool, eh?

Don't believe me? Let's try it again with the yellow and red bottles. What becomes of this, you ask? Longhorn orange...that's what.

How can we make those Aggies happy? Easy...put the red bottle next to the blue one and gig 'em.