Simple Saturday: Paper Doll Valentines

 I think this simply ribbon heart is stunning, don't you? Much like the Simple Saturday Paper Doll Valentines that we are about to create.

Before we begin, take a quiet moment. Think about the person that you're crafting this for. Think about all of the wonderful ways that this person lights up your life. Think about how they smile and laugh and how they make you smile and laugh. Or, think about someone in your life who could use a little more smiling and laughter in their life. Maybe you can lighten their life with with a simple hand crafted present. You can do that, can't you?

You have scissors and colors, don't you? As an option, you could scrounge up some tape, if you'd like. So, click HERE to download a .pdf folder paper guide and we're set to begin.

Trim the folded paper guide along the lines forming 3 long strips. Fold those strips in an accordian fashion. Cut along the red heart-shaped lines and you, my friend, have made Paper Doll Valentines. That is it! Fold. Cut. Color.

An nice variation is to tape your Valentine Paper Dolls together to form a long strip of hearts. How about maybe writing your special person's name  - one letter per heart. Nice, huh?

 Who are going to make one of these for? Tell me, won't you? Your Mom? Dad? A secret love?

Oh...I know who you're thinking of. Your Gramma...yeah...that's who (Hint. Hint.).

Gramma love. There's nothing like it.