Simple Saturday Prep: Paper Doll Valentines

 Tomorrow we're going to make the kind of valentines that Mommies and Daddies really love...homemade ones. All we need to make these treasures is some paper, scissors, and markers or crayons.

You'll simply download a pattern, fold, snip, and color away! Easy enough, right?

Now, if you just can't wait until tomorrow and are dying to see what Simple Saturday splendor is in store for you feel free to access the Teacher Guide that compliments Kelly Bennett's Your Mommy Was Just Like You. In it you'll find the directions to make tomorrow's project.

And, for an added bonus, you'll get an update on the amazing Chia Challenge carrot top project we did last week. Oh, my golly goodness! Wait until you see how that tenacious little chip has grown.

Give a few more weeks and Jack might be climbing it, after all.